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good evening all and welcome last year I
wrote the start of a book called true
darkness my idea has become fully formed
and has been written by two excellent
writers the book is ready and it is one
hell of a read it’s going to be launched
on Wednesday the 19th of February I
really really hope you guys check it out
it is a super fun read and has been
created by me and mostly by the two
other writers who are within our YouTube
community and I think you guys will
really enjoy it
keep it in your minds and I’ll keep
updating you about it I hope you all had
a wonderful Valentine’s Day some people
didn’t let’s find out it’s time to get
comfortable and let the darkness take
this happened three summers ago to
preface this I have been on a shocking
amount of dates and put myself in many a
foolish situation in the past I’m a
female and was 25 at the time it
happened it started off on the POF ah I
came across a cute guy he was my type
physically kind of nerdy looking on his
profile he had a very adventurous photo
of him hiking and traveling he seemed
really exciting to get to know once he
saw I looked at his profile he sent me a
message we flirted a bit back and forth
and exchanged numbers even though he
lived about an hour away he said on the
app he’s never been to my city and
didn’t plan on it
so we probably wouldn’t meet I respected
his honesty I don’t like wasting my time
one day shortly after meeting him online
he texts me randomly saying he’s in my
town some work thing and invited me to a
bar he was at I decided to meet up since
I was already in the area and he said he
would pick me up I was dumb and agreed
even though it was just four blocks away
it took him way longer than it should
have to get me and I honestly don’t
think he was actually over at the bar
once in his car I noticed it was a
rental and that it seemed like he had
just gotten his license because he was a
terrible driver after driving in circles
he told me to pick a place but not in
the area because parking is impossible I
picked a place 15 minutes away by car
with lots of parking but also a busy
place since I was not with a stranger
once there he started pressuring me to
drink he insisted and not a huge drinker
but I enjoyed pub style bars and I caved
and had a drink and was again pressured
to have another he was very pushy and
seemed really irritated that I wasn’t
going for it usually I had ended a
pretty quickly if being mistreated
he became charming enough to keep me
at least until we were done with our
date I saw an old acquaintance at the
bar and wanted my date to know I knew
him in my head I think I wanted my date
to know that someone could identify him
I’m not a paranoid person but I think my
subconscious was on alert after an hour
of talking in the car I tell him I’m
ready to head out he insisted we go
across the road to grab a coffee and at
the time it seemed strange to me neither
of us had had much to drink and didn’t
need to sober up coffee seems like an
odd choice otherwise
well I entertained it and once there we
sipped our drinks he told me he had
rented a beautiful air B&B in a nearby
neighborhood that is more out of the
city slash country and he told me he had
it all to himself and invited me going
on about how nice it is I kept politely
saying no and throwing around different
excuses which he would counter with a
reason for me to come with no intention
of going I agreed but only if he would
drive me home to get overnight things I
felt he wasn’t gonna let me say no so he
seemed happy with that answer and we
headed out while driving in the
direction of my place he said instead he
would stop at a 7-eleven and grab me
travel-sized toiletries so I wouldn’t
need anything
I felt panicked because my plan was not
to go with him something about him was
off and I felt stupid for even getting
back in his car to begin with he turned
his car and we were then heading towards
a more country like area literally there
aren’t any 7-elevens or anything in the
middle of nowhere then I mentioned that
I’m actually thinking I’d prefer not to
stay with him and asked to be brought
home he then said something that made me
completely nervous to be around him for
any longer he said he’s sharing the
Airbnb with the owners and that they are
really fun and sweet and they drink and
play games together when originally he
said he had it all to himself
I knew that I didn’t want to make it
obvious that I was catching on to his
lie so I went along with it and said oh
I have to wear my cute fluffy overnight
PJ’s instead of my date dress because I
want to be more comfy
then I spewed on a few other things I
mentioned that I need my medication and
absolutely can’t miss a dose
surprisingly he turned around and we
drove back into the city and I felt more
calm but not safe finally we got close
to my place I had no intention of him
getting close enough to know where I
he was mentioning that he was going to
come up to my apartment once we got
there and that’s just one huge hell no I
didn’t know what I would do but I looked
for an opportunity to get out of the
situation knowing he could turn around
and take me somewhere private in a
matter of 15 minutes we got to a stop
sign where people were crossing thank
God I quickly but calmly got out and
said you know what I have a headache
I’ll text you I closed the car door went
through a public park which was beside a
building that his car wouldn’t be able
to drive into I looked back to make sure
he wasn’t getting out of his car /
following and I could see him staring at
me he was still yes I have chills
thinking about it within the hour he had
blocked me on the app looking back I
think he possibly wanted to get me a
coffee to put something in my drink I
think he told me on the app that we
weren’t ever gonna meet to maybe cover
his ass and I know he didn’t have good
intentions since then I have met my
fiancee on the app and was super careful
about dating up until there
making sure the first few dates are a
very public then arranged my own
transportation this story starts around
seven years ago when I was senior in
high school I joined the cross-country
team my senior year and really loved the
experience and the team camaraderie the
boys and girls team trained together in
the a groups and B groups the a group
was old boys and me
I didn’t mind this it definitely pushed
me to be a better runner but it was
difficult to try and keep up with them
being in a group I grew a lot closer to
the guys and they knew I had a boyfriend
one guy Joe was really funny and we got
along great we’d sit next to each other
on the bus to meet and we text a lot but
I thought we were just friends
after cross-country ended the boys
convinced me to do indoor track and this
is where Joe got weird in January my
relationship ended and it was whatever a
high school relationship ending isn’t
the end of the world but Joe started to
act strangely towards me he’d get really
mad if I didn’t text him back I went to
a house party and drank and he sent me
this long text about how he was
disappointed in me and he thought I was
better than that our friendship started
to get emotionally abusive Joe kept on
mentioning how I made him feel worthless
and he said things like I bet you
wouldn’t even care if I died he got
jealous all the time and became so
controlling I was already under school
stress so I decided to take a break from
Joe he didn’t like this Joe started
spreading rumors around school that I
was hooking up with guys that had
girlfriends and that I did sexually
explicit things for weed just really
awful things fortunately most people
didn’t believe him
by the time Outdoor Track came around
our friendship was completely over I was
really happy because the girls and boys
track teams were two separate things and
girls distance had their own coach in
their own practices so I saw Joe but
never had to Train and all practice with
him he stopped calling and texting me
and that was a relief too after track
season ended and I was about to graduate
Joe sent me a long apology he said he
didn’t know he had feelings for me until
my boyfriend and I broke up he said
that’s what triggered his weird behavior
and he was sorry for ruining our
friendship I accepted his apology and
went on with my life we texted from time
to time but we absolutely were not close
friends anymore the summer after my
senior year is where Joe started to make
me nervous at least once a week at 1 or
2 in the morning a car would drive down
our street blasting its horn it became
such an issue that the whole
neighbourhood was on watch for the
mystery home blaster
I started getting texts from Joe’s some
nights saying things like come and I had
replied the next morning with a question
mark and he’d say he was drunk and just
drunk texted I worked over the summer so
I was usually in bed by 9 or 10 but one
night I was up a little late when I
turned on my light in my room I
immediately got a text from Joey that
said goodnight Monty it freaked me out I
told my parents everything that had
happened and they were concerned my dad
immediately thought Joe was the mystery
Honka I sent Joe a non threatening text
just saying that I worked long days so
I’m normally in bed early so I’d
appreciate not getting texted so late
I still got sporadic texts from Joe
but the mystery honking stopped which
was great in the fall I went away to
college one weekend I came back home I
was up in my room
and got a message from Joe around
midnight saying welcome home auntie that
freaked out and looked outside but
didn’t see his car I asked how he knew I
was home and he said lots of people were
home for the weekend
so he just assumed I was too Joe then
proceeded to favorite all of my tweets
around 2000 and like all of my Instagram
posts I had literally had enough of him
at this point and blocked him everywhere
I text all my friends and told them what
happened and to not mention me to Joe at
all because he was definitely obsessed
with me Joe then called me and told me
he was going to end himself I told my
parents everything and my dad got the
police involved and I didn’t hear from
Joe after this until two summers later
it’s important to note around this time
one of my brothers moved out my mom
wanted to turn my room into an office so
I moved upstairs into his old bedroom my
room now faced the back part of the
house and not the street my dad works in
the courts and occasionally he has to do
bail duty where if someone gets arrested
he’s the person that has to post bail it
sucks because he can get a call at 2:00
a.m. and has to go to Bay or someone out
on one particular night my dad got a
bail call at 2:00 he went downstairs
caught some water
and saw the motion light in the backyard
was on that was weird
he looked out the kitchen window and saw
a guy in our backyard looking up in my
he ran outside and the guy jumped the
fence the police came and took
statements but it was the middle of the
night and my dad was pretty tired so it
could have been Joe but the police
couldn’t really prove it the next few
months I felt on edge
I felt really unsafe in my own home how
did Joe know I moved rooms how long had
he been watching me it was nauseating my
parents saw the toll this was taking on
me physically and emotionally I was
snapping at them of his small things my
hair was falling out and I was losing
weight one day at breakfast my dad
walked into the kitchen and said I’m
handling the Joe situation today he
won’t bother you anymore
after that the incident stopped I ran
into Joe at a party a few years later he
saw me turned white and left the party I
have absolutely no clue what my dad did
but he made sure Joe and I will never
meet again this all happened when I was
19 I’m not the best looking dude so I’ve
never had much luck with women and I
ended up on tinder I wasn’t having much
luck there either until the third month
of using it when a blonde woman named
Katie messaged me she was pretty enough
that I dismissed her as a part
it wasn’t until three days later that
she messaged me again which was odd
because most Bob’s never message more
than once I clicked her chat and replied
then look at her profile what I saw was
pretty generic but definitely not a BOTS
profile we’d been speaking for about a
month when she proposed the idea that I
come and see her I was pretty reluctant
as she lived nearly eight hours away by
car but I had to admit I really did like
her quite a bit and I had been thinking
about asking her if I could come see her
for a while now
after a bit more badgering from her I
finally said I would take the drive at
this point I had no reason to doubt who
she said she was we had video chatted
every other week and called most days I
assumed they got really lucky things did
get a little weird on their way though
she kept messaging me asking me where I
was to make sure I was still coming at
some point when I took more than 30
minutes to respond she sent me a slew of
annoying texts admittedly I had chalk
this up to her being nervous about me
coming to see her I was pretty nervous
about it too and couldn’t blame her I
had a hard time finding her house at
first the direction she gave me were
pretty confusing and it was back through
a series of gravel and dirt roads and a
large thicket of trees it was still
about midday when I came onto an old
looking house a window on the second
floor was boarded up and it didn’t look
abandoned just worse for wear Katie’s
red buggy that she like to talk about
was parked in front of the garage I look
at my phone and texted her that I was
here she only sent a smiley face in
return when I got out of my car to go
knock at the door I noticed someone was
looking at me from the second-floor
windows it was creepy but I figured it
was her father or someone she had told
me he comes to stay with her every now
and then so I ignored it and knocked on
her door she answered with a smile and
even gave me a kiss which surprised me
and I followed her inside we sat down on
her couch and started talking about our
plans when I asked her about her dad
you didn’t tell me your dad was here I
said was that gonna be a surprise or
Katie looked confused and told me that
her dad wasn’t here I still thought she
was keeping up the act and I told her
that she didn’t have to keep pretending
and that I had seen him looking at me
through the upstairs window
Katie went to pail and said we had to
get out of there now we both ran to our
cars and when I questioned Katie she
informed me that her dad wasn’t there
and that she had been home until I
showed up I called the police and while
I was on the phone giving the address
Katie gasped and pointed to the window
where I had seen the guy last he was
looking at us from the window again I
get a better look at him and he seemed
older and frail almost like he hadn’t
eaten anything in a while he left the
window after he noticed we had spotted
him the police took a half hour to show
up and the whole time Katie was crying
and mumbling about how she was an idiot
for not keeping her doors locked when
the police finally did show up one
started asking me and Katie questions
and the other two searched the house
they came back out a little later and
told me and Katie the while they didn’t
find anyone they did find that the back
door was hanging open whoever it was had
run out into the woods
but the cops were sure the house was
empty after the cops left Katie asked me
to stay the night
because she was too scared to be in her
house alone I gal Adly did and slept
downstairs on the couch as Katie’s bed
was the room next to the one the man had
been in Katie had also bought out the
shotgun her father had given her but
never used I told her it was fine the
man was gone but she insisted she’d feel
safer if we had it out and glad she did
later that night I was still wide awake
watching TV Katie had somehow managed to
fall asleep and from the kitchen I heard
the sound of the doorknob being turned
at this point I wasn’t even scared I was
just pissed I flipped on the light in
the kitchen and pointed the gun at the
kitchen door and there he was the guy
that had been in the house before was
standing on the other side of the glass
door he looked shocked and I’m glad we
had locked the door
the man unfroze and yet again ran into
the woods I woke up Katie and told her
what happened and called the police yet
again when they arrived they did a sweep
of the woods and found no one and they
told Katie and me that it would probably
be a good idea to stay somewhere else
for the night me and Katie said our
goodbyes she was gonna go stay at her
friend’s house and I was going home I
left a little after she did and I was on
the phone with my brother telling him
about what happened my headlights were
on and as I was talking something caught
my eye
the man was standing at the corner of
the house just watching me I gunned it
out of there and didn’t even bother
calling the cops again but I did text
Katie and she was going to call them I
don’t think Katie even went back to the
house alone after that I lived in a van
and traveled the country working
seasonal jobs when I would get somewhere
new I used tinder to meet and make
friends anyway I was in Albarn and I had
a few drinks at a bar hoping to meet
locals when I left the bar it was dark I
was walking to my van when I heard
someone say my first and their last name
massive red flag I live six states over
nobody but the guy who checked the ID at
the bar could know my last name
I turn around and saw this guy sitting
on some bricks smoking a cigarette yeah
that’s me I say without thinking hey my
name is Chris we matched on tinder I
stood with him and we spoke and he said
he lived
they’re pointing to the door behind the
bar that leads to the studios on the
second story
we hung out had a drink or two and he
invited me up for dinner cooked it at
the community kitchen and I wasn’t
planning on going to his place but I was
talking about Magic the Gathering and he
said he had some cards and was wondering
if I wanted to check them out
I agreed his studio was literally the
size of a closet yet had a bed a fridge
and there was a little look in the
corner that had a shower in a toilet it
was less than a hundred square feet I
looked through his cards and told him
nothing I was interested in he said it
figures because they were given to him
and he doesn’t play the next day I go to
the local game store to play Magic the
I guess who walks in he offers to get
drinks and I decline I tell him I’ll add
him on Facebook then message him if I
change my mind he gives me his name and
looks over my shoulder while I type in
in the app he pops up and I tap on his
profile then I see it 500 mutual friends
I don’t leave anywhere near him I’ve
been here three days then I think oh I
am friends with a lot of drag performers
on Facebook maybe he is too I had him
and leave once in my van I get on tinder
for the first time since arriving and I
swipe and I swipe and I pay the $4.99 to
get more swipes and I swipe and I swipe
and I don’t see him where is he this
Chris guy
two hours later I find him I opened his
profile 500 mutual friends I swipe right
nothing happens
he doesn’t say you’ve got a match not
only have we never matched but he didn’t
even swipe on me was he trying to hide
the profile I felt like I kept seeing
him that week I didn’t want it to cause
merely change travel plans and leave
early but it started to freak me out he
would show up at the bar that I was at
or the game store when I was there even
though he told me
he didn’t play magic I started to get
really uneasy so I checked his Facebook
profile again all of the mutual friends
were my close friends my childhood
friends my family my teachers my
co-workers I couldn’t handle it anymore
and changed my entire winter plans just
to get out of there unrelated
three weeks later I read in the news
there his apartment and the bar we had
met him had burned down I used to work
at borders way back when though I had
another job at the mall something about
being at the bookstore made me much more
recognizable I often had people approach
me when I was on the street or ask me
about the store sales while I was at the
drive-through window
it was mostly harmless stuff though I
got some creeps occasionally at the time
I had a dating profile set up I had to
take it down because I’d started getting
weird messages from men saying they saw
me at the grocery store or something and
wanted to touch themselves just bizarre
stuff the killing blow that finally made
me close it however came shortly before
my 19th birthday I was checking my
account after work and I see a message
titled we’ve met which immediately
creeped me out I clicked on it and it
said sort of before proceeding into this
very weird graphic description of this
guy who was apparently so thrilled by my
cashiering skills that it caused a
stirring in his loins this email was
seriously like three pages long talking
about how excited he was and all of the
things he would like to do to my young
body I was horrified to think that one
of my customers have been looking at me
like that thinking those things I
clicked on his profile no photo but it
said he was 56 and single
I needed to know what he looked like
which is the only reason I applied and I
imagine that was his game all along I
didn’t respond to any of the other stuff
he said but I asked him if he sent me a
picture and he told me he couldn’t put
one up because he’s sort of a public
figure but he told me he’d email it to
me it took him two very long days to get
back to me
while I waited I looked at my message
history and discovered that this guy had
actually written to me many times I
ignored him because one no pictures and
two way out of the age group I was
looking for out of morbid curiosity I
looked at the messages all of them were
filled with graphic things he wanted to
do to me he talked about fantasies of
using me with another man he knew acting
out horrific things some of the details
were specific to me which led me to
believe he wasn’t just sending them in
mass to every young woman on the site
meanwhile this guy is older than my dad
I spent the next two days tensing around
every older man who came in I was afraid
to be friendly to any of them for fear
that one of them would be this guy and
he’d take it as a go ahead to come at me
I was having a birthday celebration the
day he finally got back to me and the
moment I saw his name I got a bad
feeling in my gut I couldn’t immediately
place it but I knew there was something
wrong with this person writing these
things to me I stared at it for a moment
positive I knew this guy but my brain
would not let me click I texted one of
my friends to confirm with her as it
began to dawn on me this man was my high
school principal I was horrified I was
still 18 at the time which means that he
must have been creeping on a bunch of us
all along
I remember being alone with him in his
office and it makes me feel queasy is he
just perched and waiting for girls to
graduate so he could legally pounce I
wrote back to him and said I don’t know
if you remember me
but you are my high school principal and
I happen to know you’re married he
didn’t reply and I thought that was the
end of it I was still super creeped out
about that for a while just thinking
about how long he’d been thinking about
me and sending me these graphic messages
when he’d been an authority figure in my
formative years almost a year passed
without incident and he didn’t come in
when I was there at one day I started
ringing someone up without getting a
good look at their face it was a
friendly exchange right until I made eye
contact it was him he was grinning I put
his stuff in his bag and turned away
from the register he stayed where he was
and I pretended to organize some returns
but he kept standing there silently I
knew he was watching me but I didn’t
want to look the moment lasted far too
so I finally grabbed my headset and
asked the manager to come to the front
of the store he hurried out after that
and I never saw him again
it turns out though he had recently
retired he no longer worked with
children regardless I still contemplated
putting the information out there but I
realized there wasn’t a whole lot I
could do at that point
technically he wasn’t committing any
crimes just describing kinky fantasies
to a legal adult I thought about it for
a long time
discussed it with the people in my life
including a parent who worked with the
school and it just didn’t seem worth the
risk it was a smaller area and I didn’t
know what might happen to me
now I probably would have done something
anyway but I was a kid at the time as
for his wife I thought about contacting
her my friend’s mom knew her and I had
email evidence however he only sent his
photo through an identifiable account
and I’ve learned from a friend’s
experience prior that it was risky to
get involved in marital affairs I didn’t
know their situation and there was a
chance his wife may have already
suspected his infidelity but remained in
denial because she didn’t want her
marriage to end in those situations
sometimes the woman will lash out at her
husband’s victim because she can’t lash
out at her husband my mum and several
other older women told me not to get
– so I didn’t this might not have been
the right move and even today I’m not
sure if it was this was over a decade
ago by the way I still do have the final
email somewhere but I’m not sure I have
the ones he sent me on the dating site
they may have just been connected to the
account possibly lost when I deleted it
I think I have screen capped them but it
was for computers ago so I’m unsure now
I no longer live in the area and frankly
I feel like it’s more likely to invite
unwelcome attention onto me then on to
him he could be dead by now for all I
know this happened about 14 years ago
when I was in my second year of
university and living in a student flat
I was 19 at the time and very into my
space and used to chat to friends and
friends of friends on there a few of my
friends were models which is how I
stumbled across this guy called Joe and
Joe was a professional photographer with
his edgy and provocative photos with
hindsight I could see he was just a
Terry Richardson wannabe which should
have been a giant red flag in itself but
at the time I thought his style was cool
and he was working something impressive
he was shooting big celebrities and for
fashion magazines so I was really
surprised when he replied to my message
complimenting him on his work we started
speaking regularly and soon he was very
keen to come and visit me he was living
in London and I was studying in
Winchester which is just an hour by
train so I didn’t think it would be a
very big deal I eventually agreed and
met him at the station from the start he
was very intense he grabbed my face and
started kissing me hard and as soon as
he saw me I was pretty taken aback he
suggested we go back to my place to
watch a film and I agreed this was the
first of many stupid mistakes I’m not
gonna lie but I’m also not going to go
into explicit detail stuff happened it
was all fine and consensual to start but
it quickly escalated into some roughest
stuff and him pushing pretty hard for
more I said no and he proceeded to give
me the whole I came all this way to see
you when you’re being like this guilt
speech I wish I could go back in time
and tell my teenage self to kick him out
but I was young and stupid and didn’t
want to be rude however I did stand my
ground and we didn’t do it but he also
wouldn’t leave he said it was too far to
travel back and it was getting late so
he would have to stay over I had one of
the most uncomfortable sleepless nights
in my life and was too embarrassed to
tell my housemates what was going on
thankfully he left first thing in the
morning and I hope to never speak to him
again he tried messaging a few times and
I didn’t reply but this isn’t the end of
the story cut to a few years later and I
see some friends on Facebook posting
about Joe they’re sharing horror stories
about him turns out a few other girls I
knew had similar experiences with him
along with the news that he been charged
with a few counts of sexual assault
apparently his success as a photographer
gave him just the position of power he
needed to force himself on young models
under the premise of getting them more
work at magazine covers several news
sites picked up on it particularly
because of his celebrity connections and
he was sentenced to 33 months in prison
and banned from working with children
and vulnerable adults
I definitely got off lucky and felt
extremely guilty for not sharing my
experience with my friends earlier cut
to about six years ago and I was working
in social media at a big agency in
London I hated it and was using LinkedIn
a lot to try and find a new job when I
got a message from a guy I didn’t know
about some potential freelance work he
said he was starting a new agency which
could potentially lead me to more
full-time work down the line he
suggested we meet up at a well-known
hotel to talk more this seemed a little
odd to me but I was really keen to leave
where I was working in the middle of
planning this he messages me saying you
don’t recognize me do you
his avatar wasn’t a close-up photo so I
opened it and took a closer look and
froze it’s Joe with a different name
apparently he changed it after he was
released I was so shocked and angry I
couldn’t believe he almost liad me to
meet him I told him I had no intention
of meeting up with him and he told me
not to believe everything I read
needless to say I disconnected him on
LinkedIn I just went through my old
LinkedIn messages to find the ones from
him and did a search for his name on
Google I don’t know if it’s the same guy
but the second search result comes up
against his name in details of arrests
for a violent crime in 2015
his LinkedIn is now disabled and he
seems to have disappeared again let’s
hope this time we don’t meet once more
this happened about two years ago I’m 16
now and he’s going to be 20 in August we
met through the internet it turned out
he lived in a city right next to my
village I was 12 he was 16 and we lost
contact two years later I messaged him
again because my friends edited a photo
of him and dared me to send it he seemed
nice we had a lot of shared interests
and talking with him felt pretty natural
I was used to age differences because
for some reason I never met people my
age so I didn’t mind it he took the bus
to my village a few times and we hit it
off pretty well he even met my best
friend then I heard he had a Skype call
with one of my online friends
specifically that he told her how his
last girlfriend supposedly killed
herself because of him because of the
horrible things he said to her my friend
felt like he was beginning to crush on
her maybe because she was nice and all
too kind the other friend voiced her
worried over him turning her into his ex
she was understandably grossed out my
friends talked with him about it and
asked why he told them but not me he
said I was too immature to understand I
was upset I was the person who
introduced him to my friend group and he
was now trying to forcefully cut me out
of it my friends had enough and cut him
out instead but I didn’t I felt really
bad for him he was an orphan who lived
alone had issues with alcoholism and a
lot of trouble with depression losing
three people could have been very
devastating so I kept messaging him
maybe out of pity
turned very very creepy very fast
suddenly he started calling me darling I
was over the moon because I caught
feelings a little puppy crush on someone
I knew I could never date but who gave
me hopes that maybe just maybe I could
he spent more time with me sent me
pictures and videos of him going on
about his day nothing too unusual until
one time we called while I was busy
playing a game on my laptop I don’t
remember what I said exactly but I
remember him being very excited that 15
is legal age in Poland I was excited too
I don’t know why I remember being very
stiff even though this was a harmless
phone conversation the joke was until
February because I turned 15 then and he
was supposed to visit I felt like I owed
him everything just because he had
issues with his mental health he told me
that his psychiatrist said she had never
met someone so young that has lived
through so much even though our
conversations weren’t about depression
at all I felt very bad for him that’s
why I never said anything about the
things he did that creeped me out or
made me feel unsafe or uncomfortable
because I was afraid he’d feel worse and
do something to himself a number of
times he told me he would end his own
life so what if I were the reason he
tried again he had already told me about
his issues with loneliness and
abandonment when he visited I learned he
still had feelings for his supposedly
dead ex-girlfriend he played a song that
was their song every word and it
described their relationship while we
were in my room he was close to crying
but I had no idea what to do he put me
in this situation even though he knew I
wasn’t equipped to deal with it
once when I was so upset I told him I
didn’t want to be cheered up
I just didn’t all I wanted was to be
alone so he sent me a bunch of texts
pictures and cheap cheer ups things he
found on his phone it was the only time
I set some sort of boundary and he broke
it immediately with an oops sorry too
late a little later on in the year I had
a school trip in October and I had a
good time from what I remember but for
some reason I lost all of my feelings
for him there and then perhaps it was
because once I didn’t force myself to
feel bad for him and constantly check if
he’s online or wanted to talk and maybe
because all my friends thought we were
gonna date and it was really unnerving
that they didn’t see anything wrong with
I caught contact with him later very
very slowly I deleted him off everything
he never checked I had blocked his
number blocked his Facebook and that’s
when he noticed but I never looked back
later on through yet another friend the
only one that’s still kept in contact
with him
I learned that his ex wasn’t dead there
were screenshots of him talking with a
family member about the funeral
then screenshots of him talking about
moving him with a girl two years older
than he is who was the love of his life
who had the same name as his ex he sent
a picture that was supposed to prove
that she was in a psych ward but even my
friend refused to believe him I don’t
even know what he was lying about at the
end of it or if he was lying at all next
school year I’m going to go to the city
he lives in I know he’s still out there
and I hope to not meet
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