The Night Shift | Easter Special | Scary Stories Animated

A creepy night shift at the local morgue leads to a nightmarish tale of horror and suspense. Prepare yourselves for a graveyard shift horror animation that you will never forget.

I don’t usually hold back when it comes to talking about my job which was working security at the
sub-level of a local hospital, you’d be surprised to know how common break-ins were at that place
which usually ended up being a couple of junkies trying to get high on some of the weird chemicals
that were being kept in the labs. It started out as a regular graveyard shift at work but I’ll lead in with a curious backstory regarding the doors that led to the morgue. In order to keep the place more sanitized, they had recently installed sliding doors that would automatically open if someone passed in front of them thus removing the need to touch any handles or doorknobs and prevent anyone from leaving the doors open by accident. Hygiene played a major role at that morgue and it had been on the agenda for the past few months. There wasn’t anything really unique about the sliding doors,
except for the fact that they would sometimes open and close by themselves. That by itself didn’t seem like such a big deal since this could have been caused by something small such as a moth flying in front of the sensor, until one night, I realized that it would always happen at the same time.
Every night at exactly 3 AM, the doors would open for a few seconds and then close.

Ambient music by CO.AG Music
Soundtrack: Just for Jolly – Haunting Atmospheric Soundscape

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